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Automated Workflows from Seed-to-Sale

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One-Click Compliance Labels Without Data Entry

Cultivera Market: An Order Portal for Retailers

QuickBooks Compatibility - Online/Desktop

dynamic labels
Since Cultivera comes with a pre-populated database of retail stores and syncs with your live inventory, you can generate labels without needing to create new templates for new retail partners. Also included: terpenes, ingredients, etc.
order portal for retailers
The Cultivera Retailer Portal allows your retail partners to order from your live inventory without having to worry about order conflicts. Your inventory manager specifies the products and discounts that appear to each retail partners.
automated fullfillment
Cultivera's workflows help to consistently and reliably fulfill orders within days rather than weeks. Sublot, label, manifest, invoice, and release inventory to retailer, without having to manually do anything in the state traceability system.

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Automated order fulfillment

  • 1 click to generate auto-populated compliance labels for an entire order. Zero data entry.
  • 1 click to SUBLOT an entire order instantly, which is possible with Cultivera’s two-way integration with the state traceability system. Zero hassle.
  • 1 click to manifest, invoice, release (i.e., transfer inventory). And 1-click to CANCEL a release, invoice, manifest, or sublot. Zero frustration.

powerful sales tools

  • Your sales team and retailers will always see the actual, real-time available inventory, which means zero possibility of order conflicts (i.e., double-selling)
  • Optimized for both “pre-packaged” and “package-to-order” workflows
  • Integrated CRM stores contact info for every retailer, as well as sales notes, tiered pricing, order history, manifest routes, and more.
  • Auto-generated PO’s, picklists, manifests, and invoices can be emailed (with one click!) to your CRM-stored retailer contacts, all within Cultivera, with out opening any other software and without typing up an email
  • Effortlessly create carts, search and filter products, mark sales samples, automatically distribute discounts, and jot down notes for your fulfillment team


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