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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cultivera?

Cultivera is a commercial-grade software product designed to help cannabis processors streamline sales, fulfillment, and inventory management. Our customers’ favorite features include an integrated CRM, an order portal for retail partners, and the ability to instantly generate a set of auto-populated labels for an entire order. They especially love being able to instantly sublot, manifest, invoice, or transfer an entire order, each with just one or two clicks.

Who Built Cultivera?

Cultivera is a team of top software talent coupled with deep experience in the legal cannabis industry and large initial round of funding in late 2016. Our developers previously built successful inventory management software for the event ticket industry, and we built Cultivera from the ground up in tandem with a diverse set of cannabis processors to solve their largest pain points. Our responsive support team is knowledgeable about industry practices, we constantly push out new features based on your feedback, and we prioritize our customers’ success over everything else. We take very seriously our mission to build the software this industry deserves.

What advantages does Cultivera offer?

Processors using Cultivera have been able to drastically reduce labor, remove the bottlenecks from their order fulfillment processes, and scale without bringing on more employees. In many instances, our customers have consolidated labor into one person doing the manifesting and labeling and inventory management in a fraction of the time previously taken by a team of people. Our customers have been able to consistently fulfill orders in 72 hours or less and consistently meet delivery timelines they communicated with their retail partners.

What's unique about Cultivera?

You’ll see that what makes Cultivera unique is that we took the time to do sales and order fulfillment really, really well. We focused on these bottlenecks because it is the largest area of need, it most directly impacts processors’ bottom line, and there is typically huge labor-wasting in these areas. Cultivera is the product of talented developers coupled with deep cannabis industry experience and deep seed funding. We are proud to offer you the software this industry deserves.

How does Cultivera compare to other traceability software?

We take the time to elegantly map your products from traceability to be more searchable for your sales team and for your retail partners through the Cultivera retailer portal. Because of our two-way sync with the state traceability system, Cultivera always displays actual, accurate, real-time inventory that you allow to be visible, so that there’s never double-selling. Here are some other features that separate us from the pack:

  • Integrated CRM
  • Integrated order portal for retailers with no software download
  • Auto-populated, fully-dynamic compliance labels that can be customized to include color logos and fields such as procurement info and THC results
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Constant feature updates
  • Knowledgeable, responsive support team
  • A large, growing, well-funded development team
  • Over a year of in-depth feedback from beta partners
  • Manifesting an item takes one click.
  • It takes one click to initiate inventory transfer to the retailer.
  • Sublotting an entire order is done in one click.
  • And if you want to cancel or update an order at any point, it’s easy to go forwards and backwards without data entry or frustrating tasks.
Can I use Cultivera for my “Package-to-Order” workflow?

Certainly. Cultivera is optimized for both “package-to-order” and “pre-packaged” workflows. When your sales team submits an order that is “package-to-order,” Cultivera will facilitate flower conversion and also provides a production schedule for your inventory management team.

What does the process to get on your system look like?

We offer a free onboarding package, which includes product mapping, three training sessions, and a free custom label design. We take the time to do product mapping for your current products so that your products can be elegantly searchable for your inventory and sales teams as well as for the retailer portal.

How customizable are your compliance label designs? How are labels automatically generated?

Our automated label generation is powered by fully dynamic, auto-populated label templates that are fully customizable. We can include color printing and can include custom fields to populate information that you wish to include, such as procurement info and THC results. When fulfilling an order with Cultivera, you just click GENERATE LABELS, and every label for the entire order is generated into .pdf format, so that you can easily print using any printer. Gone are the days of having to fill data in for every line item on every order. And since Cultivera has a CRM pre-populated with retail contacts and UBI’s, you don’t need to create a separate label template for every retail partner.

How does Cultivera integrate with the state traceability system?

Cultivera is unique in that it offers two-way integration, which means that it both pulls data from and pushes data to the state traceability system. For example, when fulfilling an order through Cultivera, you can sublot the entire order instantly through traceability. When you click SUBLOT ORDER, for instance, Cultivera sends an API call to traceability, which returns the sublots instantaneously for the entire order. Two-way integration means that we are also compatible with any other third party software you use.

Is Cultivera compliant? Is it secure? Is my privacy protected?

Cultivera is 100% compliant. Security is ironclad since Cultivera is hosted by Amazon Web Services. And we take privacy very seriously: here is our policy.

What is your technical support like?

Cultivera has support chat built in, and we also have responsive phone support during business hours. We are local, our support team is knowledgeable about industry processes, and we value greatly your feedback because it informs the priorities of our development team.

How often do you push out new features?

Cultivera regularly pushes out weekly or bi-weekly updates based on customers’ feedback and requests.

Is Cultivera only for the largest processors?

Not necessarily. Many mid-size processors have experienced how hard it is to scale with other software, constraints, and processes. Our solutions will help any processor/wholesaler looking to scale without increasing labor.

When will Cultivera be available in my state?

We do plan to expand to other states soon. Please contact us so that we can keep you posted as to the availability of Cultivera in your state.

Does Cultivera require to install any software?

None at all – Cultivera is all in your browser.

Does Cultivera work on mobile?

Certainly. For example, your sales person can easily check inventory on her mobile device while visiting a retail partner.

How does your 90-day money back guarantee work?

Any new customer can cancel their account for any or no reason within 90 days of using Cultivera going live with their inventory, and we will fully refund any monthly payments you have made. We are comfortable offering this because we’re that confident you will experience the advantages and benefits immediately.


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